Monday, February 22, 2010

Lari ikut 'abang Jo'


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Hawaii five -O said...

salam zm

berita sadis dari sdyney...

"Pemandu konsulat malaysia(sdyney), mati dibunuh dgn kejam semlm di sdyney australia"

"A road rage incident is believed to have led to a 43-year-old man being bashed with a hammer then stabbed to death outside his home in Sydney's inner west last night.

The Malaysian-born Australian citizen was bashed and stabbed by two men outside his home in Marion Street at Leichhardt just before midnight.

Local Area Commander Shane Woolbank said today that police believe the man - who was a driver for the Malaysian consulate - was involved in a car accident with the two men moments before the attack.

Mr Woolbank said the victim was set upon by the two men as soon as he got out of his car and was attacked with a number of items, including a hammer.

"It was a ferocious attack," he said.

"He was then chased across the road and further attacked."

Police said a woman passing by tried to intervene and stop the fight.

Witnesses said the two men then fled in a black sedan last seen travelling north on Cromwell Street.

Police do not believe the attackers wore balaclavas, as previously reported.

They confirmed that one of the attackers had curly hair.

Police were unable to revive the victim.

Dr Mohd Nasir Abu Hassan, at the Malaysian consulate, said staff were shocked by the attack.

"He is an extremely nice person, he doesn't talk too much. He is a very, very composed and generally very obedient," he said.

Dr Abu Hassan said preparations were now being made to send the man's body back to his family in Malaysia.

He said the victim had lived in Australia for the past 10 years and had worked for the consulate for the past three.

Marion Street at Leichhardt between Renwick and Cromwell streets remains closed to traffic this morning."